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What’s A Guy Got To Do To Lose His Honorary Classroom? — See Also

Mercer University, Lin Wood’s Last Refuge: President Underwood is living up to his name and remaining “Under Wood” when it comes to keeping the embattled lawyer’s name on a law school mock courtroom. Even if no one else wants the school mired in his issues.

It’s-A Me, Mario!: Biglaw partner places plumber on retainer for employees dealing with winter storm crisis. Now they need an electrician and modern power grid and they’ll be all set.

Pandemic Schmandemic: The ABA has told law school deans that they won’t be extending the deadline for reporting employment statistics. It’s a tough call. On the one hand, the real measure of a law school’s job placement during this stretch is probably not served by pretending there’s not a pandemic. On the other hand, it’s more fair and better for long-term analysis to keep judging everyone on a set standard. But mostly let’s all freak out when top law schools see their numbers artificially tank!

A $1.3 Billion Journey Begins With A Single Step: MyPillow guy got sued by Dominion and seems giddy about being able to engage in discovery and see exactly how baseless all his claims are.