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Senate – Justice, Socially Inclusive Bills Adopted

The First Vice President, Aboubakary Abdoulaye chaired the plenary session during which the bills were adopted on April 6, 2021.
Within the framework of promoting justice, strengthening diplomatic ties between Cameroon and Brazil, and facilitating access to published works for visually impaired persons, some bills to that effect have been adopted at the Senate. They were adopted on April 6, 2021 during a plenary session chaired by the First Vice President of the Senate, Aboubakary Abdoulaye.
The bill to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the Agreement between Cameroon and Brazil on the transfer of persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty was defended by the Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Laurent Esso, assisted by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu. In his explanations, the ratification of the Agreement will ensure the protection of the interests of the Cameroonian diaspora and, at the same time, pave the way for genuine judicial cooperation with Brazil. The signing of the Agreement, explanatory notes of the bill state, is in line with government’s policy of consolidating and strengthening relations with Brazil. “The application of this Agreement shall be the responsibility of the central authority of each country, whose jurisdiction is extended to national courts, namely the Ministry of Justice of Cameroon and the Ministry of Justice and Public Security of Brazil,” partly reads the concept notes of the bill.

Another bill to authorise the President to ratify the Extradition Agreement between Cameroon and the aforementioned country was also adopted after its defence by the same Minister of State. The adopted legal instrument comprises 23 articles and outlines the offences which give rise to extradition, notably, “Offences punishable under the laws of both parties, by custodial sentences for a period of at least one year or a more severe sentence.” The Agreement also provides for grounds for refusal to extradite, the extradition produce, remand of the person to be extradited and other aspects.
The bill to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the Marrakech treaty to facilitate access to published works for persons who are visually impaired or otherwise print disabled was adopted after its defence by Social Affairs Minister, Pauline Irène Nguene. The ratification of the bill is aimed at protecting the rights of visually impaired persons and those of copyright holders.