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3 Young, Kenyan Men Cross Into Somalia ‘to Join Al-Shabaab’

At least three youths from Mandera County have crossed into Somalia and joined Al-Shabaab, North Eastern Regional Commissioner Nick Ndalana has revealed during a security meeting.
“We are very much aware that three youths from Fino and Lafey areas have crossed into Somalia and joined Al-Shabaab but I want to assure everyone here that we are following them,” he said on Monday.
Mr Ndalana called on parents to ensure they are fully aware of their children’s activities and whereabouts.
He urged parents of the three youths, whom he did not name, to ask their children to surrender to Kenyan security agencies.
“As parents, you need to talk to those youths who have crossed into Somalia to return because we shall have them dealt with just like we are dealing with our enemy,” he warned.
New sub-county
Mr Ndalama was speaking during the commissioning of Arabia Sub-County which was hived from Mandera East and Lafey sub-counties.

Mr Solomon Chezera will be the first deputy county commissioner of Arabia, an area which has been experiencing insecurity posed by the Al-Shabaab militants.

“Commissioning of this new sub-county means services have been brought close to the people and we will only achieve that if we cooperate in securing this area,” said Mr Ndalana.
He said the national government has fully stamped its authority in Arabia and that all the relevant agencies will do all what it takes to ensure security improves.
Mandera East MP Omar Maalim urged residents of the newly commissioned sub-county to cooperate with the national government’s agencies to ensure development.
“We have been pushing to have a sub-county here and we have it now. We need to work on improving local security so that all government services and development can be realised,” said Mr Maalim.
Arabia has been making headlines since 2014 when 28 passengers in a Nairobi-bound bus were killed after it was hijacked and commandeered into Somalia by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.
The area, located along the Mandera-Lafey-Elwak road, has recorded 116 terror incidents since 2014 according to local police files.
It remains unclear if the national government will declare the road, which passes through Arabia, open to the public since its closure in 2015 at the height of the terror incidents.
Arabia was gazetted as a sub-county in April 2017 together with Kotulo and Kiliweri.